Genealogy & Family History

Every family has a story. Do you know yours?

Windt Family Tree - Courtesy Victor and Diana Parker

Whether you are new to genealogy or a long-term hobbyist, I can help you research and record your family history and understand the historical context in which your ancestors lived. 

My genealogical and historical research services include the following:

  • Tracing ancestry;
  • Researching descendants;
  • Finding and interpreting archival documents;
  • Compiling family trees and pedigree charts;
  • Interviewing relatives and recording their stories;
  • Assisting with applications to associations and lineage societies; and
  • Helping you break through a "brick wall" in your research.

Original records in archives and digitized records online provide evidence for family history and often reveal new and exciting information. I can help you locate:

  • Birth, marriage and death records
  • Census records
  • Immigration records
  • Military service records
  • Newspaper articles
  • Published and compiled works on local and community history

Knowledge of the time periods and places in which your ancestors lived is crucial to understanding and interpreting archival documents. Through research in reliable sources, I can provide the context for your family throughout history. My current sphere of knowledge includes:

  • Canada, from Confederation to World War II
  • Eastern Canada, specifically Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and it's relationship to Colonial New England
  • The Loyalists and New England Planters
  • British Columbia

Genealogy Services Process

The first step in the process is an Initial Consultation, an informal interview in which we discuss any research problems and expectations. I will then review the existing information and research. Afterwards, we will determine a timeline for billing and deliverables for the first part of the project.

The next step is to develop a research plan outlining the research problem and my strategies for finding the requested information. In accordance with the research plan, I will search for records and information in physical and digital repositories. The amount of time spent on research is dependent on the availability of genealogy records.

I will then provide you with a Research Report that includes an overview of all research, an analysis of findings, and copies or abstracts of the records used as evidence. Additional project deliverables could include family group sheets, pedigree charts, and family trees. If the research problem has not been solved, I will provide suggestions for ongoing research.

Sharing the resulting information with family members or a larger audience is another important step in the genealogy process. Potential projects include creating a family website or submitting findings to a genealogical database.